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The Best Protein Powder for Men

Body and Brain

The Best Protein Powder for Men

Why Men Should Choose Bone Broth Protein Powder

In the world of men’s fitness and nutrition, the quest for the best protein powder is a perpetual journey. For men seeking optimal results, the choice between plant-based or protein powders with a laundry list of ingredients can be overwhelming. It’s time to gather round, fellas, because we're about to embark on a protein-packed adventure that'll leave you flexing in the mirror like never before. We're diving into the world of protein powders, where not all shakes are created equal, and your body deserves only the finest fuel!

What's the Best Protein Powder?

Imagine a protein powder made from the elixir of ancient warriors.  Bone broth is like the ultimate protein source. Packed with collagen and naturally occurring (not synthetic!) vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it's the secret sauce for joint health and muscles that could bench-press a small car. 

Whatever gains you’re looking for, whether it be increased muscle mass, or simply inner health and an outer glow, our bone broth Protein Powder with added MCT Keto Creamer is all you’re ever going to need. Not only does it taste AMAZING, it’s a rising star that stands out for its remarkable advantages and here’s why…

Bioavailability Matters

One key factor and perhaps the one thing that you absolutely need to know, is that bone broth protein powder is exceptionally bioavailable. Bioavailability refers to the body's ability to absorb and utilise nutrients efficiently. If it’s not bioavailable, your body will simply get rid of it when you go to the little boy’s room, resulting in you consuming calories and chemicals your body cannot use for fuel.  Unlike some plant-based proteins, which may contain anti-nutrients or inhibitors that hinder absorption, bone broth protein powder offers a more readily absorbed source of essential amino acids - the building blocks of life. Our bone broth protein has added MCT Powder, the added magic when it comes to protein supplements. Not only will this give your cognitive function a boost, but your metabolism (body fat burning) will set sail to the island of full potential.

Milk Chocolate Protein Powder


Ever read a protein powder label and felt like you stumbled into a chemistry lab?  Keep it simple, guys! While many protein powders flood the market with a myriad of ingredients, our bone broth protein powder keeps it clean. With minimal, natural ingredients, it provides a pure protein source, free from artificial additives and preservatives. This simplicity ensures that what you're putting into your body is focused on delivering the essential nutrients and results you want and need.

Collagen Boost for Joint Health

Bone broth protein is a rich source of collagen, a structural protein crucial for joint health. For men engaged in intense physical activities or weightlifting, the collagen content in bone broth protein can contribute to joint flexibility and overall mobility, potentially reducing the risk of injuries. Not only this, as you grow older, your natural collagen decreases significantly, meaning your organs, skin and hair start to suffer.  With a daily injection of bioavailable collagen, you can guarantee that you will be still hitting the gym as the milestones start to roll and there might even be a few more silver foxes on the streets. 

Vanilla Protein Powder - 500g

Muscle Support and Growth

Protein is the cornerstone of muscle development, and the amino acid profile of bone broth protein is well-suited for supporting muscle growth. With high levels of essential amino acids like proline and glycine, bone broth protein aids in muscle repair, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their athletic performance and appearance. At the end of the day, what good is a scoop if your body can't turn it into biceps? Our bone broth protein powder is so bioavailable, it's like the express lane for nutrients straight to your muscles, leaving you wondering why you ever settled for anything less. With plant-based protein powder you are likely to absorb far less.

Gut-Friendly Goodness

A healthy gut is paramount for overall well-being.  How we fuel our bodies can either send us soaring or completely derail us. Luckily for you, bone broth protein powder supports digestive health. Packed with natural gelatin, it helps to soothe and repair the gut lining, potentially reducing inflammation and promoting a healthier digestive system - leading to a reduction in bloating and wind. 

Plant-Based Pitfalls

Now, don't get us wrong, plants are great for salads and rabbits, but when it comes to your protein powder, watch out for plant-based impostors. They might sound all-natural, but they can pack a punch to your gut, glow and gains. Not only are they not bioavailable, they are overly processed and can play havoc with your innards. It's like inviting a vegan to a barbecue, it’s just not the right fit.

You can't Beat Bone Broth

In the realm of protein powders, bone broth protein stands out as a powerhouse for men seeking a natural, bioavailable, and nutrient-rich option. With its collagen support for joints, muscle-friendly amino acids, minimal ingredient list, and gut-healing properties, our protein powder infused with MCT magic is the holistic choice that goes beyond mere protein supplementation. Make the switch to bone broth protein powder and experience the advantages that simplicity, purity, and bioavailability can bring to your fitness journey. You could think of this as an easy to consume, on-the-go steak!

Don’t just take our word for it, studies have been conducted in favour of protein that has derived from animals, which in our case are grass fed cows.  We know exactly what our cows have eaten and how they have been cared for, making for the perfect protein recipe when it comes to your health and conscience.  

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