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Davinia Taylor

Introducing the Founder of WillPowders, Davinia Taylor

Entrepreneur, Sunday Times Number 1 best-selling author, biohacking pioneer, mother of 4, weight loss expert and ex-Hollyoaks actress, Davinia Taylor, completely turned her life around from a ‘90’s & 00’s ladette lifestyle.

Discovering bio-hacking was the turning point in her journey, changing her attitude from “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” to one of optimum health and energy by feeding her brain; and her body followed with a weight loss of over 3 stone.

With over a million followers on Instagram @daviniataylor, she helps an ever-confused population crush cravings and achieve genuine wellbeing.

Ever inquisitive, Davinia takes one for the team – sharing her discoveries and debunking myths with honesty and humour.

In her first book “It’s Not a Diet”, she turns dietary guidelines on their head and puts empowerment back in the hands of her followers so they can achieve sustained weight loss and improved mood, energy, and sleep quality. Counting chemicals instead of calories, eating good fats, cleaning out seed oils from your diet, avoiding low-fat foods, and ditching the sunglasses, are just a few of the accessible hacks Davinia is known for. Her rapidly growing business, WillPowders, is changing the face of healthy supplements for all the family by developing premium, clean, effective supplements such as collagen and MCT Keto powder at high-street prices that can be used by all the family. In 2023 Davinia is busier than ever. Her new podcast “Hack Your Health” was launched in February and the highly anticipated second book “Hack your Hormones” was published on 25th May 2023. Davinia continues to juggle being a mum of 4 boys, writing books, running and expanding a business, recording her podcast, being a popular media, event, podcast and Instagram live guest whilst remaining the UK’s leading female biohacker - continuing to experiment on herself (N of 1) and interpret cutting edge science messages for those who need it most.

A Word from Our Founder, Davinia Taylor

I think it’s fair to say that like so many people, I’ve got a bit of a chequered history when it comes to my health.

I’ve struggled with body issues since my teens and my weight has fluctuated wildly over the years. I’ve been everything from a size eight to a 16, and it got to the point where I lost faith in my body’s ability to regulate itself. But how could it when I spent the entire time confusing it with that all-too-familiar binge/starve pattern?

In short, I was really angry with my body, and kept blaming it for the many diet and fitness mistakes I was making.

For so long, I shovelled down ultra processed food, bottle after bottle of wine (and whatever other alcohol I could get my hands on) and dipped in and out of exercise (mainly out). Yet, I was still resentful that I didn’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Whether it was down to chronic low self-worth, the cruel, misleading diet industry or my simple lack of basic nutritional and exercise knowledge, I was unable to get my body to a place of balance where I could feel happy and accepting of it.

Where I was Going Wrong…

Rather than work with my body, I fought against it. I fed it rubbish food but expected to feel well. I worked out infrequently but couldn’t grasp why I didn’t have a six-pack. My mood was low and my anxiety was high, and even though I was a functioning alcoholic and often lived on take-aways, I was in denial about the very obvious link.

My brain was being starved of the fats it needed to function properly, and my body was a bruised barrel of water retention and chronic inflammation. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of craving and exhaustion. My enthusiasm and motivation were on the floor, and I was so miserable I stopped caring about how I looked. As well as being clearly overweight (I could only hide it under chunky jumpers for so long), I was emotionally battered and found it hard to think straight, let alone formulate a plan to get me out of the mess I was in. The more rubbish I ate to comfort myself, the worse I felt, and yet I didn’t know how to stop.

Enough was Enough!

After so many years of severe self-abuse, I was officially sick and tired of being sick and tired. I felt so unwell I couldn’t motivate myself to get out of bed to clean my teeth, let alone go for a run, as my doctor kept helpfully suggesting. In fact, the only place I could stagger to was the kitchen cupboards to load up on sugary foods in the hope they would give me quick energy.

Instead of taking responsibility for myself, I went to see a series of doctors and experts and expected them to ‘fix ‘me. It was only when I realised that I could only be healthy and lean if I wanted to be.  Finally, I switched my brain.

I had to make a decision, and it involved some seriously tough self-love. Did I want to be an overweight, tired mess forever? Or did I want to be lean, positive and full of energy?

Thankfully, I dug deep and I chose to start being kind of myself. That meant cutting out inflammatory ingredients like sugar and bad fats, as well as anything processed, and replacing them with fresh food, good fats and intermittent fasting. I also made some amazing, game-changing discoveries in the shape of supplements and nootropics.

Once my energy levels improved, I was able to start exercising properly (and I discovered all those people who told me I would have more energy if I started working out were right, dammit). Without wanting to sound like I’m preaching, as a result of doing those things I was able to transform my life from being terrible and toxic into one that is positive and fulfilling.

It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination because we all have those everyday stressors we can’t avoid, but now I’m able to navigate my way through them, instead of lying in bed for days panicking. 

These days I’m a better mum, a better wife and a better friend - even to myself (I realise that’s a bit Hallmark, but I’m going with it). By treating my body with respect and putting really great stuff in, I have found a way to stay in shape and feel great while still eating the foods I love (hello, cheese).

You can read much more about my journey in my Number 1 bestselling books, It’s Not a Diet and Hack Your Hormones. You will read the story of how I went from being overweight, feeling utterly rubbish and having no energy to feeling amazing and finding that energy that evaded me for most of my life.

When I look back now, I can see that I put my body through hell at times. I feel so grateful that it’s been able to heal as a result of the protocols I’ve followed, so it’s still able to support me in the incredible way it does. Now I want to help you to do the same. 

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