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Davinia Taylor wearing an orange dress, drinking a yellow drink on a orange sofa

Davinia Taylor

Introducing the Founder of WillPowders, Davinia Taylor

Davinia Taylor holding her book Hack Your Hormones on a white background

Introducing entrepreneur, Sunday Times Number 1 best-selling author of It's Not a Diet and Hack Your Hormones, biohacking pioneer, mother of 4, champion of us all and our health, Davinia Taylor.

Her own 3 stone weight loss was the springboard for WillPowders, but it was definitely not the end of the story.  After realising that she had been doing it all wrong, following low fat diets, accepting mainstream medical and nutritional advice, resigning herself to always feeling just a bit crap and energyless and battling with her hormones she saw the light.  She is the light!

‘For so long, I shovelled down ultra processed food, bottle after bottle of wine (and whatever other alcohol I could get my hands on) and dipped in and out of exercise (mainly out). Yet, I was still resentful that I didn’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Whether it was down to chronic low self-worth, the cruel, misleading diet industry or my simple lack of basic nutritional and exercise knowledge, I was unable to get my body to a place of balance where I could feel happy and accepting of it.’ Davinia Taylor

Willpowders founder Davinia Taylor sitting wearing a multicoloured shirt on a purple background

Davinia's Goal

Davinia is neurospicy and her hyper focused brain is an inquisitive one. She knew that the health narrative and advice that she was being fed wasn’t good enough and that there must be more to it.  She was determined to give herself back the control so that she could help others to take charge of their own health and well-being.  With over a million followers on Instagram @daviniataylor, she has done exactly that and the birth of WillPowders has helped hundreds of thousands of people to stop depriving their bodies of what they have been crying out for. 

Davinia Taylor wearing blue, holding her book 'It's Not a Diet' on an orange background

What in the WillPowders?

WillPowders stands for research, learning, debunking myths, biohacking and nature.  It’s a revolution in the health space and at the heart, a community that has gone from strength to strength. WillPowders and the For Fats Sake Facebook group is a place where people can find answers to questions they have been searching for to support their journey to optimum health.  The WillPowders Way is about saying goodbye to sub-par health, hormonal imbalance, depleted energy, brain fog, free radicals and toxins, eating as close to nature and fueling the body with good fats. Weight loss is simply inevitable when you start putting the right stuff in and keeping the bad stuff out.   

Davinia Taylor kicking wearing a yellow suit on a purple background

The Narrative Changed...

‘Thankfully, I dug deep and I chose to start being kind to myself. That meant cutting out inflammatory ingredients like sugar and bad fats, as well as anything processed, and replacing them with fresh food, good fats and intermittent fasting. I also made some amazing, game-changing discoveries in the shape of supplements and nootropics.’ Davinia Taylor

Davinia is at the helm, with her honesty and humour, to drive a nutrient dense way forward so that the suffering can stop. She is not your usual influencer and entrepreneur; she cannot be bought, and she will only advocate for products, supplements and food that is genuine, true and real.  Where there are gaps or lies in the market, Davinia has stepped in, formulating natural products without the nasties, that support the body, brain and all of their nuanced processes, so that you, like her, can feel the way you’re supposed to. 

‘It has been a decade long journey to get to the point of launching WillPowders. I've researched and researched and tried and tested so many products, sought out knowledge and science pertaining to health during this time.  Our WillPowder’s aim is to share that ‘know how’ and to empower the WillPowder’s community so that you too can find that increased and sustainable energy.’  Davinia Taylor 

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