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Equip yourself the WillPowders Way and take control of your health and well-being for good.

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Love your gut and explore our nutrient dense recipes that support hormone balance and nurture your well-being.

"I feel like my hair and skin are looking fantastic! My gut is feeling a lot more improved too. Recommend 100%"

– Claire Oldale

Meet our founder

Biohacking pioneer, Davinia Taylor

Introducing entrepreneur, Sunday Times Number 1 best-selling author of It's Not a Diet and Hack Your Hormones, biohacking pioneer, mother of 4, champion of us all and our health, Davinia Taylor.

Her own 3 stone weight loss was the springboard for WillPowders, but it was definitely not the end of the story.  After realising that she had been doing it all wrong, following low fat diets, accepting mainstream medical and nutritional advice, resigning herself to always feeling just a bit crap and energyless and battling with her hormones she saw the light.  She is the light!

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Advice from our biohacking blog.

WillPowders Rein Endometriosis and PCOS in!

WillPowders Rein Endometriosis and PCOS in!

What is it about women and the suffering that they are expected to endure?  Eve really screwed her sisters over when she ate that bloody forbidden fruit, didn’t she!     If...

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Testosterone Tales: Finding Your Swagger!

Testosterone Tales: Finding Your Swagger!

Aaaah, testosterone. The bolshy androgen that is allegedly responsible for making the men folk believe a Friday night on the lash isn’t a good night unless it ends in a...

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Latest Recipes

Ginger, Lemon and L-Theanine Fizz

Ginger, Lemon and L-Theanine Fizz

This deliciously refreshing, calming drink is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Ladened with goodness to support your liver in its detoxifying work and to aid your gut in the...

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A orange bowl of Prawn Pho with lime on a white wooden table

Prawn Pho

This delicious Thai soup or noodle broth is packed with flavour and will transport you to sunnier climates. With the addition of collagen, this fragrant bowl of yum is the...

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Award Winning!

"Whether you're a seasoned traveller or simply looking for a convenient way to maintain your beauty routine, WillPowders 100% pure Swiss Grass Fed Bovine Collagen sachets are the perfect solution. Their high quality collagen, convenient packaging, and numerous benefits make them an essential addition to your travel bag. By incorporating these sachets into your daily regimen, you can ensure that your skin, hair, and nails stays radiant and healthy, no matter where your adventures take you."

- Charissa R - Beauty Supplement Awards