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Nourish, Energise and Hydrate Your Customers by becoming a WillPowders Retail Partner.

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Why Partner with WillPowders?

We are well-being pioneers who believe your customers deserve the motivation and ‘know how’ to take control, feel like their best and the confidence to say no to subpar health.  

If you partner with WillPowders, you will be joining our team, who are striving to improve the nutrient landscape for the betterment of overall mental health and physical well-being. 

We have created the most natural and cleanest supplements and powders to empower your customers to take control, find that hormonal sweet spot, be in control of their weight management without depriving themselves, reclaim their energy and change their brain chemistry.

At WillPowders, we believe everyone deserves to feel like their best selves and we have worked hard to build a brand that our customers trust. With our no nonsense approach to health and well-being, partnering with WillPowders means that your customers will thrive and keep coming back for more.

Like you, we are on a mission to change the lives of as many people for the better. Whether it be supporting their mental health mood, energy and movement, brain and body, hormonal balance or sleep and rest, we have the answer and so could you and your customers. 

There's Something for Everyone!

We have securely embedded ourselves across the health and well-being sector and understand how important it is to get the good stuff to your customers.

Gyms & Fitness Centres

Hydrate, Nourish and Energise your customers with WillPowders' movement and energy and body and brain supplements, which have been formulated to motivate people to get moving. From Nootropic stacks to Electrolytes and post/pre workout supplements, your gyms will be full.


We know that rest and relaxation is often the missing ingredient when it comes to people's health and well-being. That's why we have developed a range of supplements that support quality rest, will rid your customers of stress and anxiety and allow them a sense of calm.

Physiotherapists & Osteopaths

At WillPowders we understand how pain from systemic inflammation can impact the quality of people's lives; we also know that the gut plays a starring role when it comes to health. We have developed natural supplements that have literally changed people's lives and in lots of cases, seen them say goodbye to prescribed medication.

Hairdressers & Aestheticians

We want your customers to glow from the inside out, which is why we have developed a range of natural supplements that not only take care of the inner health, but also allow our customers to radiate their beauty outwardly too. From skin and nails to hair and body, we have the answer and so could you!


At WillPowders we have created a plethora of tried and tested recipes using our products because we want to get the most nutrient dense food into your customers. From clean Protein Powders to Electrolytes, our products work in all of your produce.

Health Food Stores

With a wide natural supplement range, developed with love and know how, we are equipped to support your customers with their hormonal balance, energy, cravings, hydration, detoxing, gut health and much more.

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✔ Retail prices  ✔ Special offers  ✔ Free delivery
✔ Marketing support  ✔ Free Product Training Day