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Chef Dan Kirkham

Meet WillPowders Chef, Dan Kirkham

There really is no wonder why Davinia has teamed up with Chef Dan Kirkam to create some delicious and nutrient dense recipes for her WillPowders Tribe. 

Chef Dan is self taught and has learned everything he knows through experimentation and getting to know what good ingredients are from an early age. Starting his love affair with food in his mum’s kitchen, he would often make dinner for his family, testing new culinary innovations out on them. His mum was his biggest champion and encouraged his passion for cooking, allowing him free rein in her kitchen and letting her son find his way in what is now a successful career.

At the age of 16, Dan got himself his first job as a Kitchen Porter and was immersed into the realities of a busy working kitchen.  Soaking up everything he could and watching how the professionals cooked en masse and to strict timings, Dan soon found himself being thrown in at the deep end when the Head Chef was struck down with the world’s worst hangover.  Unable to do much other than sit on a stool and feel sorry for himself, Dan stepped in and helped the poor guy out.  Fooling the manager, making him believe the Head Chef was preparing and serving that night’s menu, Dan managed to pull off the illusion of his life.  

Getting wind of Dan’s natural talent and ability to step up to the plate, the restaurant’s manager asked him to chef and lead consequent services.  Taking charge, finessing his timings and continuing to develop his cooking skills, a career and deeply cemented passion for food was forged. 

Having a natural interest in health, nutrition and fitness, Dan added to his repertoire and began working as a personal trainer, which gave him the opportunity to create his own menus for people who were looking to improve their nutrition as well as their fitness.  At the time, Dan was on his own weight loss journey and soon realised that the skills and knowledge he had acquired, along with his natural entrepreneurial qualities, there was an opportunity for him to branch out further.

Willpowders founder Davinia Taylor and Chef Dan Kirkham standing back to back against a purple background

Consequently, Dan, and his then partner, created ‘Eat Clean’, a food delivery company that provided ready made meals delivered straight to your door.  During this time, Dan had an opportunity to take over a restaurant in West Kirby on The Wirral, which became an overnight success with Dan at the Helm. 

Over time, Dan’s interests in health and fitness grew and he wanted to explore different business opportunities that aligned with his principles; therefore, Dan and his partner created DWB Gyms and yet again, Dan found himself running the eateries attached to the business.  This led him to working with Vegan Healing Centres and Retreats as he continued to immerse himself in the world of wellness, acquiring more and more insight into what good nutrition looks like.  

After the pandemic and with much business success in his back pocket, Dan reflected and realised that he had not drawn breath for over a decade.  Whilst everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, Dan spent some time re-prioritising, deciding what was going to make him truly happy.  Realising that his heart belonged in the kitchen, Dan curated a life as a private chef. 

When Chef Dan met Davinia

Dan and Davinia’s meeting was a total fluke and it’s as though the universe brought them together by chance.  Dan attended the same event as Davinia with his friend who was a massive fan of all things WillPowders.  Upon being introduced, Dan passed his number to Davinia and suggested they chat about a future collaboration.  The rest is history, the stars have aligned and Dan has been alchemising the most scrumptious, nutrient dense and innovative recipes using the WillPowders products ever since and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him. 

Follow @ohgreatanotherfoodie on Instagram for more of Dan’s recipes and keep up to date with his latest inspo. 

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Parmesan and Sage Crackers with Chicken Liver Pate, Beetroot and Cranberry Chutney

Here's an idea for some Christmas canapés.  Lather your pate on some parmesan and sage crackers and top with a quick and simple beetroot and cranberry chutney

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A Versatile Fish Pie Mix

A Versatile Fish Pie Mix

This mix can be used as a fish pie, if covered with mashed potatoes and some extra mature cheddar.

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