It's Not a Diet Book by Davinia Taylor
It's Not A Diet - Signed Copy
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It's Not A Diet - Signed Copy

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Why stress causes weight gain
How fasting makes you less hungry
Why sunflower oil is unhealthy
How cold showers can cut your carb cravings

'If I could give you one bit of advice right now, it would be to take all the energy you're putting into fad diets and put it into becoming the most genuinely healthy version of you. If you've got a plan, you're already halfway there. And now you've got this book, you've got one.'

I was overweight, depressed and unmotivated. I couldn't walk around the block, let alone go for a run or do an exercise class, and I struggled to keep up with my young sons. In desperation I turned to biohacking to sort my head out - the unexpected bonus was that I lost nearly three stone and I have kept it off for years through a series of health tricks from cold showers, to MCT oil, to ancestral eating. 

I spent tens of thousands of pounds on specialists and Harley Street doctors, trying the most cutting-edge therapies available, only to discover that the true secrets of feeling amazing are very easy and affordable. Start with eating for your mental health, and weight loss is an effortless side effect.

Divided into four sections: Mood, Food, Movement and Rest, my book takes a holistic approach to weight loss, reminding you that true health is not just about what you eat. It's Not a Diet concludes with a two-week reset programme to put my advice into action easily and achievably. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Really Interesting

I've read this book through twice now. It all makes perfect sense. I am now using the products and ideas and have lost 1 stone 4lb and feel so much more alive! Thanks!🥰

Rebecca Wright
Brilliant Book

I loved it I read it straight away and it resonated with me. I am a yo yo dieter too and I am also in menopause and suffering with bloating and weight gain. Its great to implement things that have been tried and tested already.

I am 3 weeks in and have lost a couple of lbs but feel so much better in myself, I'm not waking up lethargic, I have more energy and motivation. Love it so far

Great Book

I have never read a book so quickly, it is making so much sense to me and why I have been feeling how I have. Thank you Davinia, I hope I have the same results that you have had.

Mary Fowlis

Really good information- love all products best thing iv had

Becky Birks
So worth it

Best read I’ve had for ages, very interesting and very insightful, full of great informative advice