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How to Reset


Take Control

Eliminate harmful habits with a 3 day reset to refocus or get started on the WillPowder’s way to thrive.  Our 3 day reset will help you to: break your sugar addiction; clean and detox your liver; start new habits and introduce or reintroduce intermittent fasting. 

Keep it Natural

Before you start deciding how you’re going to nourish your body, remember that fat is friend and eating as close to nature as possible is key. Whilst you won’t be totally eliminating carbs, you will be replacing the majority of them with good fat, so if you add carbs to your dinner plate, leave them off your supper plate and vice versa. 

We have a tonne of recipes that are family friendly and loaded with sneaky nutrition for further inspo. Remember, the more nutrient dense, the less likely you are to crave junk 20 minutes later.

If You Bite it, Write it!

At the beginning of your reset, make a note in your mood diary about how you’re feeling. This is a great tool to measure the efficacy of your reset and hopefully give you the motivation to carry on after day 3. 

The important thing is that you make it work for you.  Choose food and movement that is sustainable and enjoyable.  If you’re a busy working parent, get organised with food prep and integrate movement that is easily embedded into your routine.  If you don’t have the time or energy to go for a 20 minute run every morning, but you need to walk the dog before work, simply ramp up that dog walk by adding in an incline or increasing your pace.  If you can’t leave the house because you have little ones to tend to, bang a HIIT workout on YouTube and bash it out in your living room.  The important thing is simply to move.  Our Movement blog has loads of ideas of how you can incorporate exercise into your day without really thinking about it.   

Shopping List

Shopping List

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans
WillPowders MCT coffee

Start your morning in the best possible way:

  • Make yourself an ElectroTide and pop the kettle on. 
  • Drink two caps of Molkoson and 3 caps of aloe vera (you can add this to water, or simply shot it back)
  • Make yourself a Fatty Coffee or a Fatty Matcha with Collagen 
  • Drink your coffee standing barefoot outside to naturally reduce inflammation and look up at the sky to activate your cortisol
  • Move for 20 minutes 
  • Make yourself another Fatty Coffee or tea if you fancy another and take 1 Calm tablet to reduce the jitters. Take another 20 minutes later if needed 
  • Jump in the shower, and turn the dial down until it's cold - let the cold water do its work for 30 - 60 seconds
  • Make yourself a Spiced Latte and add some stevia, which won’t spike your insulin, if you have a sweet tooth

Mid Morning 

  • Drink a Collagen coffee and add some MCT Powder or oil if you’re hungry. 
  • Quench your thirst with a kombucha
  • Drink plenty of water. 
Salmon recipe

Lunch - Example Options: 


  • Scrambled eggs with cheese
  • Smoked salmon with avocado and eggs - throw in some tomatoes and mushrooms if you fancy. 
  • Any sort of salad: prawn, free range and organic chicken, tuna are all good shouts.  Add some avocado, cucumber, rocket or salad leaves, tomatoes, nuts or seeds with a drizzle of olive oil.  
  • Cheese and veggie omelette
  • Bone broth soup


Follow lunch up with 30 squats and take any supplements that you have opted for.  To help you decide which supplements are right for you, take our Quiz here. 

Chocolate Collagen and Avocado Mousse

Dinner - Example Options: 


  • Steak with rocket and mushrooms 
  • Lamb chops with mint and Greek salad 
  • Bone broth soup with a sourdough sandwich made with organic chicken and grass fed butter 
  • Salmon fillet with roasted veggies, couscous cooked in bone broth, greek yoghurt and feta 
  • See our dinner recipes for more inspo - for saucy dinners, add collagen.  



Follow dinner up with 15 leg lunges - right and left and if you’ve finished dinner with caffeine, take 2 Calm capsules to avoid those jitters. 

Supper - Example Options


  • Chamomile tea

Before Bed

  • Take a 40 minute hot Epsom salt bath and maybe listen to a feel good podcast.
  •  Followed up with 30 seconds under a cold shower
  • Take 4 Calm capsules
  • Take 3 Spice capsules if you’re experiencing any sort of pain or enjoy a Spiced Latte 

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