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Spiced Latte (served hot or over ice)

By Davinia Taylor

Preparation Time | 2 mins

Cooking Time | 0 mins

Servings | 1

This scrumptious latte will help to counteract inflammation, aid sleep, give you an amino boost and stop you from snacking.

Our turmeric and black pepper capsules are the best supplements for joints and will support your body to feel its best.

Packed with curcumin
and turmeric with the added benefits of MSM, Spice is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse.


Step 1

Open and sprinkle 3 Spice capsules into a cup

Step 2

Add 1 tbsp of Collagen and 1 tbsp of MCT Keto Creamer

Step 3

Add 1 tbsp of MCT Oil (adapt to your use - if you are not currently using MCT Oil, please introduce at a smaller amount).

Step 4

Add your hot or cold water

Step 5

Add a few drops of Stevia if you are drinking it during the day, or honey if you are drinking it before bed. 

Step 6

Pour over ice, or enjoy hot. 


  • 3 WillPowder's SPICE capsules
  • 1 tbsp of Collagen
  • 1 tbsp of MCT Powder
  • 1 tbsp of MCT Oil (optional)
  • Water (hot or cold)
  • Stevia if you are drinking it during the day, or honey to sweeten a night cap
  • Ice if you are having it cold

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