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Lou Marie

Lou Marie

Proud mama, Lou Marie has reported huge success with Oestrogen Detox and we couldn't be happier for her.

Read Lou's story below...

Oestrogen Detox, the lifesaver! 

So after reading other reviews, I thought I would give it a go; I didn’t have a blood test before hand but I have them on a regular basis anyway and apparently they are normal.

Anyway, I started them day 5 of my cycle and I’m currently on day 22 so due to stop on Friday (day28). I’m on the Evra patch (contraception) and for the last 18 months I’ve had horrendous periods and associated symptoms.

This isn’t easy to write but I’m not ashamed to say that I suffer with depression and, at times, I’ve been suicidal, all because of hormones! As well as dealing with migraines, pain, rage, bloating, and an upset stomach, I’ve spoken to my GP, a mental health practitioner and at one point, even the crisis team.

Nobody has been able to help until now! I haven’t had any tears, no low mood, no bad thoughts, no migraines, nothing! My patch is due to come off on Sunday and by now I would probably be in a right state as my period usually starts a few days later.

I’m shocked that this little pill has helped in such a huge way! Thank you WillPowders Health, Davinia Taylor and to all the ladies who have also left their reviews.