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In only three months, the gorgeous Natalie has lost 2 stone. She has embraced intermittent fasting and owes her success to her own sheer determination. As a veggie, she has been inspired by the FFS group to innovate new ways to sneak the nutrition in and keep the ultra processed fare out. Her hero products are MCT Keto Creamer and MCT Oil.

Well done from everyone at WillPowders, Natalie. You look absolutely amazing!

Read Natalie's story below...

Yeeahhhh! I’ve lost 2 stone now. I started this journey beginning of October after being fed up of trying every diet and never getting anywhere. 

I had read Davinia's books in summer but kept saying I can’t eat all of that meat because I’m a vegetarian. 

However, something just clicked in October and I thought I can do it. The FFS group was set up and you have all helped me with fab new ideas. 

Fasting has defo been a new thing for me and I love it. 

Keep going wherever you are on your journey; I've still got a bit to go yet but I'm getting there.