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Sara's story is absolutely amazing. After facing the trauma of cancer and chemo, we are thrilled that we could be a little part of her recovery and our collagen could help her to restore her beautiful hair.

Read Sara's story...

I want to show you all my collagen peptides journey!!!! 

After chemotherapy for breast cancer, my hair was awful. I wore a cold cap so didn’t lose all my hair, but what I was left with was so thin.

I spent most of my time in a baseball cap, then I found WillPowders' Collagen! It was a complete game changer and I will sing the praises of this collagen forever!

A year and a half on, at 51 and in full Menopause, my hair has never been thicker and healthier.  My hairdresser of over 25 years can’t believe the difference!

 #collagenpeptides .