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Fabulous Suzie eloquently and passionately told me her WillPowder’s story, the story of how Davinia and her team have transformed her mindset when it comes to how she fuels her body.  Her WillPowder’s journey has prompted her to become well researched in her own right, corroborating everything she has learned by following Davinia and her own transformation. She believes in empowering yourself with knowledge, not for vanity, but for longevity and to become the best version of yourself. 

As a self proclaimed hedonist and dopamine chaser, she has learned to take control and ‘free herself of the bondage that came with the unhealthy relationship she had with food.’ She has woken up to the criminality of Big Food and now understands why she was a prolific bread addict, why her body would wake her in the middle of the night to seek out the snacks and how the food market is saturated with addicting ingredients that only serve to trap you in a cycle of bad habits. 

She explained that she knows better now, that she has never felt healthier, more alive, more conscious and happier.  She advocates for ethical and local produce and a ketogenic lifestyle, linking it to the reading that she has done around the positive impact it can have on people suffering with dementia.  

Suzie highlighted how Davinia’s honest, humble and passionate approach to transforming the way women fuel their bodies has been such a motivator for her, calling WillPowders a health revolution that she wants to be part of.