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Just look at Victoria's happy feet! ElectroTide has allowed her to enjoy her holiday without the discomfort of pesky swelling!

Read Victoria's story below...

I’m currently in Mexico and it’s humid and hot! I take a few prescription meds - one of which has a side effect which, in the heat, causes my ankles, fingers and wrists to swell.

In Oct 2022, I went to Cape Verde before I discovered WillPowders and whilst I enjoyed the holiday, my ever inflating ankles put a downer on it.

I stocked up on ElectroTide back in January, knowing this holiday was coming up, and I’m so glad I did! The before photo is from October 2022 in Cape Verde (swollen) and the after photo was taken today in Mexico (normal). 

I’ve been having an ElectroTide in the morning and one in the evening.