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The Benefits of Collagen


The Benefits of Collagen

Why Take a Collagen Supplement? 

Collagen seems to be everywhere, even in that infamous middle aisle of our fave discount supermarket . But what is it? Why is it so fashionable? What separates the bargain basement finds from the eye-watering pricey premium products and are they worth investing in?

What is Collagen and why do we need to Supplement with it? 

Pre 70s, we used to naturally consume collagen all the time.  This generation prepared food by boiling, roasting and boiling some more, sometimes for hours and sometimes for days.  This is exactly how you extract collagen. Not one jot was wasted and if you didn’t clean your plate, you were done for. A swift clip round the ear from granny or mother and you would wipe that plate clean as if your life depended on it. Well, here’s to them, I say, because they were doing us a massive nutritional favour!

People used the whole animal, from the meat, to the innards, to the carcass to make nutrient dense bone broth, a nutrient powerhouse. Everybody ate local and everybody ate meat.  Back in the day, ‘Vegetarianism’ was a dirty word and offal was a staple part of your diet.  Nothing was processed and it wasn’t until the end of the decade that ready meals were on the menu.  This was when it all went wrong!  Until then, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and other chronic illnesses were nowhere near the levels they are now. There wasn't a mental health epidemic, and obesity was rare. 

The Low Fat Craze and the Plummet of Our Natural Collagen Intake

At the end of the 1970’s, the new fad was eating lean muscle meat and convenience.  The low fat message was loud and strong. Diets and ease were in and we lost sight of basic nutrition. We were completely indoctrinated by the big food companies to feed our bodies with processed rubbish and we became addicts!

For Fat’s Sake #FFS
The very idea of consuming fat has become a horrifying prospect for us. Not only is it deemed our number one enemy and reason that we pack on the pounds, but also it’s blamed for giving people high cholesterol. We have been convinced that fat equals a death sentence and this is simply not true.  It totally depends on the types of fat you’re consuming and the type of cholesterol you are storing.  The American Heart Association now says that ‘dietary cholesterol is no longer a molecule of concern for overconsumption!’ Basically, if it’s bad cholesterol, steer clear, if it’s good cholesterol, load up! You can read all about the types of cholesterol in the following blogs: Why Can’t I Stop Eating? and Does Eating Fat Increase Cholesterol?

Why is Fat important when it comes to Collagen?
Collagen is an amino acid that keeps us away from sugar; this combined with critical fatty acids such as omega 3 and MCTs are the building blocks to maintaining gut health, reaching satiety, maintaining a healthy weight, improving brain function and generally staying alive.   

What is a Collagen Supplement?

It’s one of the most nutrient dense ways to spike your food without impacting on flavour; it’s sneaky nutrition;  it’s packed with amino acids your body craves and won’t stop craving until you feed it;  it’s the ultimate and most convenient health hack.

What are collagen peptides? They are teeny tiny tiny molecules which the body can readily absorb.  They are super robust, the ‘marine’ of the molecule world, and will not be destroyed by heat.  They dissolve easily into any liquid to create nutrient dense drinks, soups, or sauces.

Your body is unlikely to absorb collagen that is not in peptide form, so it’s so important that you do your due diligence and not spend money on a lie. 

Marine or Bovine? 

Marine collagen is pushed ferociously within the market, but not only is marine collagen more expensive, it can taste revolting.  More often than not, manufacturers of marine collagen add hidden ingredients to strip the collagen of its fishy flavour, resulting in a compromised product.  Not only this, we simply cannot track what our fishy friends have been eating, but what we do know is that our seas are heavily polluted and our marine life consume an inordinate amount of microplastics.  You can read more about the problems associated with marine collagen in our What is the Difference between Marine and Bovine Collagen? Blog. 

WillPowder’s Bovine Collagen Powder is made in Switzerland - Switz Swoo! Not only is it a premium collagen, but we know exactly what our cattle have been eating (grass - fancy that!), how they have been cared for and we have consciously made it affordable.  Bovine collagen is very unlikely to cause any allergies and research tells us that bovine collagen is far superior to its counterparts in healing the gut, which is your gateway to optimal health and well-being.

Tasteless Collagen!

Another great thing about bovine collagen peptide powder is you cannot taste it.  It is completely odourless and flavourless.  This makes it the perfect sneaky nutrition for all the family. Bobbing it in your child’s pasta sauces, beans, drinks, whatever tea time consists of, is a great way to boost their dopamine and balance out the carbohydrate/ protein dance. And the beauty of bovine collagen, they will never know! 

It’s not all about Beauty, but it’s a Bonus!

Whilst bovine collagen supports lustrous locks, glowing- wrinkle free skin and strong nails, it also takes care of the inside stuff too.  If you exercise regularly, bovine collagen can support in keeping those joints lubricated, ensuring that exercise is enjoyable and not painful.  It can support those with arthritis, rid you of those aches and pains that manifest because of our stressful lives and keep your organs working at their full potential.  

The 18 Amino Acids in Collagen…

Collagen has a pretty impressive amino acid profile. Amino acids are what the body is always seeking because they are the building blocks of life.
If you, like lots of us, live in a permanent state of craving, or feel constantly peckish, the chances are, your body is searching for more amino acids.  This becomes a nightmare if you are trying to lose weight, or if you are trying intermittent fasting.  By adding collagen to your morning beverage, you will stave off the crave and successfully extend your fast.  Intermittent fasting is brilliant as it gives your digestive system time to rest, helping you to achieve autophagy.  Autophagy is your body’s way of reusing old and damaged cell parts. Cells are the basic building blocks of every tissue and organ in your body. Each cell contains multiple parts that keep it functioning. Over time, these parts can become defective or stop working. 2-4g of collagen will prevent you from breaking your fast, helping your cells to heal and reboot. 

So, there you have it!

You can either boil the bones, connective tissue, skin and leftover carcass of an animal for hours and extract your own gelatinous gloopy collagen, or you can buy Collagen Powder and simply add it to your food and drinks. I know which I would rather do.  Collagen will keep you young on the inside and on the outside, and ensure that your family is getting amino goodness for a well functioning body and brain! For more information about bovine collagen and how it works its magic, have a gander at our What are the Benefits of Bovine Collagen? Blog. 

Here's to providing your whole body with the building blocks it needs to stay well.