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The Surprising Benefits of MCTs for Cravings, Weight Loss & Ultimate Energy

Stave off the Crave

You might consciously stay away from sugar, you might have successfully done this for a while, but those pesky sugar cravings still rear their ugly heads every now and then.

When you throw in the chaos of life, reaching for a quick fix can often be much easier and more convenient. Most of us pacify those pangs with sugar because we are hardwired to do so.  Why? Because it is the most addictive legal drug out there, and it’s just waiting for us to consume it.  When you throw in the Candida yeast, which resides in the gut, literally makes you crave sugar and lots of us have without knowing, what hope is there in overcoming this addiction?  Well, fear not, MCT is here to save the day and rid your body of insulin spikes, unwanted weight gain and that microbial bacteria that can derail all of your good intentions.

What are MCTs and what Makes them so Great?

MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are a type of fat molecule found in coconut oil, palm oil and dairy products. Unlike long-chain fatty acids, MCTs are easily digested, absorbed and quickly converted into ketones by the liver, providing a quick source of energy, much like the effects of sugar and carbs! But unlike sugar, MCTs don’t produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream, saving you from the slump and consequent cravings! This makes MCTs a great source of fuel for the body and brain whenever you’re feeling peckish and sluggish.

How MCTs Help Kick cravings

Few things will throw off your well-intentioned weight loss plans faster than “the snack attack.” And when you’re stressed or tired, running around like a loon or dealing with office politics, you’re more likely to reach for the carbs to dampen the cortisol response. 

Here’s where MCTs come in.

Research has shown that MCTs influence the secretion of hormones that regulate appetite. When you eat MCTs, the ketones produced suppress “ghrelin,” known as the “hunger hormone”.  However, just a couple of tablespoons of MCT Oil is enough to keep you from reaching for the toast, jammy croissants and cereal first thing in the morning.

If you’re intermittent fasting or skipping breakfast, MCTs are an absolute lifesaver, as they provide nourishment and energy to get you going, first thing in the morning, without getting in the way of your well intentioned fast. Adding some MCT Oil or Powder to your morning tea or coffee, to get you fired up and keep you away from the carbs, is the perfect way to start your day. 

Calm L-Theanine Capsules

Kick the Cravings

To support those cortisol spikes further, WillPowder’s Calm supplement can help you to manage your whirring brain and attacks of anxiety. 

MCTs Help Regulate your Blood Sugar

Keeping your blood sugar steady is key to keeping cravings at bay and your energy levels even. MCTs are quickly absorbed by the body and used for energy and, unlike sugar and carbs, they don’t cause an insulin spike! In addition, MCTs are not easily converted into stored fat, which is a massive bonus and means that you will avoid those unwanted pounds from sneaking up on you. Check out Davinia’s fascinating podcast with Jessie Inchauspe, aka the@GlucoseGoddess, to learn more epic and easy-to-follow hacks that will keep your blood sugar and cravings under control.

MCTs Fire you up with Energy so you don’t go Looking for Snacks

The beauty of MCTs is how the liver processes them super-fast, making them available to cross the blood-brain barrier to generate ATP, aka “the brain cells fuel”, which immediately livens you up. The brain receives this energy and stops looking for carbs and sugar as an energy source. So, you get a jolt of energy and have reduced cravings for snacks.  MCTs also increase the production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, resulting in a better overall mood and increased willpower.

MCT Keto Powder Supplement

MCT Keto Powder

Don’t get caught short and have some of our MCT Powder sachets on you at all times; this is the perfect way to curb the crave, replenish your energy and avoid that rubbish sluggish feeling, when you’re on the go. Simply mix one in a sugar free drink of your choice and immediately feel content and satisfied.

MCTs Kill off Candida which Makes you Crave Sugar

If you’re trying to come off the carbs, you’re more than likely to have Candida overgrowth in your gut. Candida can make you feel tired, irritable, give you a foggy head and poor concentration. It can also cause intense cravings, as those nasty critters feed on sugar! It’s a Catch-22 because eating sugar makes yeast grow and having too much yeast in your gut makes you crave sugar.  Swapping out the carbs and sugar for MCT will wipe out the yeast and obliterate those sugar seeking Candida. MCT Oil also contains lauric acid which is a potent anti-fungal ingredient.

MCT Keto Powder Sachets

In Conclusion...

MCTs are your secret weapon to stop cravings, boost energy and help you lose weight. And now you can benefit from the crave-busting MCTs whilst you’re on the go with WillPowder’s MCT Keto Sticks.

The MCT Keto Powder Sticks provide bioavailable MCTs for a ketone brain power boost, along with all the vitamins and minerals from grass-fed butter. The sticks are great for beginners as they contain keto-friendly fibre for slow digestion, which doesn’t turn straight into glucose.