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Well, Lovely Adele, thank you for helping to give thousands of women some hope, and for letting us know how amazing you're feeling after giving Oestrogen Detox a go. Adele's usual cycle hell is a thing of the past and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Read Adele's story below...

After seeing many positive posts about the Oestrogen Detox, I thought I would give them a go! 

They arrived on day 5 of my cycle, just in time to start the course. I have never had my oestrogen levels checked as suggested to do so, I just had all of the symptoms on a monthly basis.. horrible! Spots! Bloating! Swelling! PMS! Being Tasmanian Devil in the kitchen from day 16-28 of my cycle! Tears after tears for nearly 2 weeks until I bled! Sore boobs! Weight gain! The most horrendous brain fog and anxiety! 

Enough was enough! I always said it’s not fair only feeling “normal “ for only 2 weeks of every month! Now my cycle is spot on every month.. 28 days without fail.. which I’m so thankful for.

I don’t take any hormonal contraception and haven’t done for 20 years. I’m a 39 year old with Hashimoto’s disease and stage 2 lipoedema which in my luteal phase (I’m positive it’s bad oestrogen, I read it somewhere that causes the most horrendous pain and swelling in my legs!

I decided to give Oestrogen Detox a try! I’m now on day 1 of my cycle … the last month has been a whole different story! 

  • NO MOOD SWINGS (even my daughter noticed) 
  • HARDLY ANY BRAIN FOG OR INDECISIVENESS (I had a bit because I was stressed doing a masters degree/ working / life .. all that jazz) 
  • LOST 3lbs 

I’ve felt bloody amazing! I am so happy I tried these and can continue another 60 days with them and live my best life!

Thank you so much, Davinia Taylor and WillPowders Health for giving us the opportunity to understand being polysymptomatic is not NORMAL!

WillPowders Customer Image of Oestrogen Detox Support