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OMG! Just look at Hayley's hair regrowth after taking WillPowders' Collagen and MCT Keto Creamer.

Read Hayley's story below...

I started losing my hair when my son was born 15 years ago, unfortunately it didn’t grow back and continued to shed at a fast rate. I saw a specialist and was diagnosed with alopecia. The loss did gradually get less after a while, however nothing I tried made the hair grow back until I started have the WillPowders' collagen and MCT creamer. 

The before photos are a year ago, taken by my hair dresser, and last time I visited her for a cut she took photos again. The results are great. I never thought I would have growth like this again. I had resigned myself to one day having to shave my head because of the bald patches but now I will continue with the collagen.