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Kel is walking talking proof that you can lose weight in your 40s and she wants to encourage those who are struggling to stick with it. With the help of the WillPowders' products, specifically Collagen and MCT Keto Creamer, she finally feels like her old self again and she looks amazing!

Read Kel's story below...

Today, I put on a particular bra which I haven’t worn for a couple of months due to it being too snug last time I attempted it and it literally slid down me before I put the straps on! So that’s at least 2 inches I’ve lost around my rib cage.

It reminded me how far I’ve come in such a short space of time. I’ve only been following this way of eating (no UPF and fasting using WillPowders' products) for under 6 months and I’ve lost 10kg and gone from a size 14 to a size 10, and I’m on my way to fitting into my size 8 jeans which is where I was before COVID hit.

I never ever feel hungry or like I’m starving myself. Weight loss was the reason I chose to first follow WillPowders, but now I’m more educated and my motivation is bettering other health reasons as well.

Food wise, as long as it is clean, I eat what I want, including loads of sourdough.

I did plateau and didn’t lose any more weight throughout February so I adjusted to lower carb diet and started exploring more keto alternatives. I’m definitely not proper Keto as I can’t give up Sunday roasts with all the trimmings!

I’ve not done any exercise at all during this period due to an ankle injury, it’s just been through diet alone, but since losing weight and taking WillPowders' collagen, my ankle has much improved and I am going back to the gym later this week!

I’ve tried loads of other ways of losing weight since entering my 40’s but always gave up as I felt miserable and hungry; this is the only thing that’s worked and it’s reversing some of my health issues too! x

Where I was always so slim before COVID and entering my 40’s, I felt really self conscious being bigger. I may only have gone from a size 8 to a 14 but I’m only little, not even quite 5 foot tall so it really showed.

I actually think it’s quite sad and silly of me looking back because it made me refuse my photo being taken. I didn’t even get in the annual one with my kids and Santa, which I now regret! 

Losing weight in your mid 40’s, especially if you can’t work out, is really hard, but I have achieved it through WillPowders. It's brilliant and I want to give others hope!