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Beautiful Lizzie was introduced to WillPowders by her mum after she was looking for a supplement to prevent her hair from thinning, something she was becoming aware of.

Lizzie told me that she has always struggled with textures and was worried about taking supplements; however, I can confirm, upon meeting Lizzie, that she prevailed and now has the most beautiful hair. I would have never known that her hair could have been the cause of her anxiety because it was so lustrous. Because the WillPowder’s Collagen is completely tasteless and easily dissolves in her morning drink, Lizzie has been able to improve her hair health and she no longer worries about it. 

The success that Lizzie found after taking WillPowder’s collagen prompted her to supplement with Calm to support her anxiety and ElectroTide as a way to hydrate when running.  She explained that she favoured the WillPowder’s range because they derive from nature and they don’t have any nasties hidden in them. As a medical professional, like her mum, Cathy, she knows what and what not to put in her body, meaning she knows she can trust that WillPowders has her best interests and health at heart.