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Lucynda Loves Calm

Lucynda Loves Calm

WillPowders have done all the hard work...

I stumbled across Davinia's Instagram in March 2020, just as we were going into Covid lockdown. For the last 3 or so years, I have been on a journey to say the least! 

With so much information about how to bio hack your body, it can feel so overwhelming and confusing at times. I started to understand a few 'hacks' and because Davinia is unaffiliated with any brands, simply trying and testing things, I became more confident with her suggestions. 

When Davinia announced WillPowders was launching, it took away all the questions I had about which products to buy and what they would do for me. WillPowders have done all the hard work. If it’s good enough for Davinia, it’s good enough for me. She is one woman on a quest to provide clean products that do what they say they do. 

My absolute staples are the collagen, keto powder and Calm. I Love the Brain Powder and I can’t wait to try the Oestrogen Detox.

I am approaching 40, with 2 kids, a crazy dog and a very busy schedule. I need all the help I can get! One thing I’m sure of is, WillPowders will continue to develop and I'm definitely along for the ride! Thank you x