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Gorgeous Shaughnee has been on quite the WillPowders journey. After being introduced to WillPowders by her friend, her skin, energy and mental health have improved exponentially, and we couldn't be more thrilled for her.

The advice and support she has found in the WillPowders community has allowed her find her WillPowders Way and stay on track.

Read Shaughnee's story below...

I started my journey in January 2024. After trying various diets and lifestyle changes and being unable to stick to them a dear friend of mine recommended WillPowders products. 

I was feeling bloated, my skin was inflamed and sore which made me feel so low. I started off by reading Davinia's book It’s Not a Diet and it all makes so much sense. 

I ordered myself some MCT Powder, MCT Oil and Collagen to pop into my coffees to help me fast and stop the sugar cravings. I noticed a difference in myself after just a few days. The bloating reduced, I was finally losing some weight off my stomach and best of all I had lots of energy. The energy has allowed me to join the gym and lift heavy weights without becoming fatigued quickly. The aches and pains from exercise have subsided substantially too. 

After a few weeks I noticed changes in my skin, hair and nails. The psoriasis was almost cleared up, I rarely get spots and my hair and nails are growing strong. I believe this is from the amazing collagen powder!

Alongside this, I also suffer with anxiety. So later in my journey I ordered some Calm. I have a highly stressful job and I am usually anxious before a long shift so I take two before going in and it’s made such a difference in how I feel! They only take about 15 minutes to come into action!

Alongside these products I've been using the Chocolate Protein Powder. It tastes amazing and is so versatile. I've mostly been having it with Greek yogurt and collagen to break my fast with some nuts and seeds for a filling breakfast. In the winter months I've used it for hot chocolates which help me sleep and feel full. Often after the gym as a protein shake mixed with water, Collagen, MCT powder & MCT Oil. 

All the products are amazing and there is so many different ways of utilising them!

I follow the For Fats Sake Facbeook page, WillPowders and Davinia's instagram which gives a good advice and help with my journey. 

Thank you for helping my new lifestyle WillPowders!