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WillPowders Customer Susie before photo


Susie is the eptiome of a success story. She has found her WillPowders Way, following the advice from It's Not a Diet and using MCT Oil and Collagen.

Read Susie's story below...

In a nutshell, I’ve switched from low fat to full fat which helps my satiety enormously and ditched the ‘diet’ drinks.

I also have MCT Oil & Collagen in my morning coffee, skipping breakfast, but this gives me the feeling of being full until lunch.

For lunch, I’ll have a lot of protein and some fruit (no carbs). Dinner is where I’ll have some carbs and I pretty much eat what I want but no UPF - it’s been tricky finding ingredients that are UPF free but I’ve got it sussed now. I have normal portions too - my daughter sometimes tells me they’re still quite big! Old habits die hard.

I then have Greek yogurt with maple syrup or my new favourite, date syrup.  Sometimes I even have Stilton & chutney on a few crackers - UPF free ones - as well. 

I think the main benefit for me has been removing UPF foods from my diet as well as switching to full fat. I believe these actions have removed cravings completely, keeping be stabilised (I have literally zero desire to grab anything more than diesel at the petrol station which is a miracle). Any other ‘diet’ I’ve ever tried - even those that were temporarily successful - had me feeling miserable, obsessive and draining my willpower!

I was size 20 in July and now have my size 12 jeans on. I was 16 stone 7 and I’m now 13 stone 7.

WillPowders Customer Susie after photo