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Banana Protein Ice Cream

Banana Protein Ice Cream

Preparation Time | 2.5 hours

Cooking Time | 0 mins

Servings | 3

A delicious fruity pud which is packed full of amino acid magic. 


Step 1:

Pop your  bananas on a sheet of parchment and freeze for at least 2 hours. 

Step 2: 

Remove from the freezer and allow to thaw for about 15 minutes. This ensures that you don’t get any lumps and it’s also less harsh on your blender. 

Step 3:

Blend your bananas with the dates, protein powder and cacao until a smooth, gelato consistency.


  • 4 Small bananas chopped and frozen
  • 4 Dates
  • 1 Tbsp Raw Cacao powder (cocoa is fine too)
  • 30g Scoop Protein Powder

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