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Amelia has shared her experience with WillPowders Calm after going through something traumatic. We are so glad that Calm helped Amelia to overcome her anxiety.

Read Amelia's story below...

Last year I had a period of time where I felt very low and was experiencing severe anxiety.  At the time I was struggling with PTSD after being in a traumatic event in 2017.

I attended the GP but I wasn't happy to take the medication they were recommending.  I sought alternative options and bought some Calm. 

These helped tremendously, they allowed me to function at work and during university lectures by giving me some clarity but also stopped the feeling of panic and anxiety.  I felt very chilled after taking the tablets and they also helped me get a relatively peaceful sleep. 

I sought therapy for the PTSD but continued to take the Calm while going through this period of time.  They definitely helped me and I use them occasionally now when feeling stressed or anxious or just feel that I need to slow myself and my mind down from overthinking. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who was struggling and didn't want to go down the pharmaceutical route of medication.  

Calm L-Theanine Capsules