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Box of WillPowders Electrotide Watermelon flavour - Electrolyte Hydration Sachets


Jane is the very reason why we do what we do at WillPowders. Helping someone overcome the effects of cancer fills every inch of our beings with pure joy!

Thank you for sharing your incredible story, Jane and we wish you nothing but good health in the future.

Read Jane's story below...

I just want to share for any fellow sufferers of Lymphoedema that the electrolytes, ElectroTide have worked a treat. 

I have Lymphoedema in my left arm following surgery for breast cancer and secondary Lymphoedema in my left leg. I’ve limped for the last five years and spent a fortune on osteopaths and lymphatic massages; however, by taking the ElectroTide daily, within seven days my limp and pain in my knee has disappeared.

Well done WillPowders ! I am so gobsmacked by the results.

I’ve also been using collagen and Spice for a few months as well and Spice has definitely helped. The collagen has helped my nails after chemo and hair but the electrolytes, just wow! No limp after all this time. It feels odd not limping!

WillPowders Spice