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Lucy's Story

Lucy's Story

Here’s proof WillPowders works... Nearly 6 weeks on, I’m 11 lbs lighter...

Here’s proof WillPowders works!! 

The bottom photo was taken May 2023 on holiday in Egypt. I felt awful, bloated, low to zero energy, on a concoction of tablets for diagnosed anxiety/depression, horrific perimenopause symptoms, used alcohol to suppress how rubbish I felt and was at war with the world (or so I felt).

Nearly 6 weeks on, I’m 11 lbs lighter, not on any medication, able to quit (and EASILY sustain) from drinking (when I’ve quit previously, I used food to substitute), have begun running regularly again (which I was too depressed, embarrassed or able to do with any real commitment for over a year) and feeling so much healthier and quite literally ALIVE!

I only use WillPowder’s products, including Spice and Calm and can’t wait to try the Oestrogen Detox. I fast 16:8 and only consume “healthier carbs” at night. 

I’m still continuing to lose weight but I am now WANTING to work out and make much, much healthier options without feeling hungry, or like I’m missing out. I don’t feel like I’m following a diet and I know I’m not filling my body with chemicals and crap! This is and will continue to stabilise a much better weight for me and contribute to toning up more along with gaining so many other major health benefits. 

After reading “It’s Not a Diet” and “Hack Your Hormones” as well as following and researching bio hacking and other people/companies Davinia has recommended, I can honestly say Davinia and her advice/support has quite literally saved me!