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WillPowders customer Sue after photo


Sue is such an inspiration.  After being struck down with Long Covid, she has found some reprieve in taking WillPowders' Collagen, MCT Oil and Spice. Read Sue's story below...

I have had a long slow journey trying to recover from long covid so finding WillPowders was just what I needed!

WillPowders has helped enormously, not just the products but the FFS community online too.

I had to give my 40 year hairdressing and teaching career up due to illness, but WillPowders' collagen has been my saviour; it has helped in many areas and my skin is the best it has been for a long time.

Sometimes photos are great to look back. After 1 year, I'm 2 stone down and 80% back to my old self. I'd forgotten how bloated I was and when you fall off the wagon, looking back at how far you've come, makes it so much easier to jump back on.

I started on Collagen first and after cleaning up my diet, I started taking Calms. Now I have added MCT oil and Spice as well. I also take vitamin D and Magnesium for my restless legs and sleep, which has made a huge difference too.

I really hope I inspire someone to keep going because I am so glad I did.

WillPowders customer Sue before photo