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When I met the stunning and oh so glamorous Verena, I would never have guessed that she would have been someone who suffered from low mood in the past. She exuded life, energy and confidence, all things that she told me WillPowders had given back to her. 

Verena listened to Davinia’s books on audio tape and told me it was like listening to a friend who had shared experiences with her. She explained that Davinia gave her permission to rest and to eat good fats, something she had spent her life feeling guilty about. It wasn’t until Davinia’s books that she realised that her body was screaming out for the right combination of nutrients and as a result, she would find her way back to her vivacious and confident self. 

Verena was keen to highlight that WillPowders and Davinia have not told her how to live and that it's okay to give into her human; however, she has learned that little tweaks make a massive difference. She explained that in order to feel better, she didn’t have to immerse herself in an overwhelming overhaul of her lifestyle, which made her journey so much more manageable. 

Verena suffers from Arthritis and she explained that supplementing with Spice has reduced her inflammation and supported her stiffness and pain massively. She also supplements with WillPowder’s Collagen Peptides and told me that her symptoms of PMS have disappeared, as well as noticing the difference in her hair, skin and nails within two weeks of adding it into her diet. 

Verena was stuck in a loop, and now she has found her balance using Calm, and put a stop to those pesky cravings with Keto Creamer. She looks amazing and is now full of life.