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How to Ask the Experts about Sleep

Catch some zzz

Sleep Yourself Well

Sleep is absolutely crucial for our overall health and well- being.  If you are not sleeping well, it can completely derail you, making getting through the day feel impossible, overwhelming and a thing of dread.  

Good sleep allows our bodies to heal, eradicate inflammation and infection, support our energy levels and mood and promote a preparedness for what life throws at us. 

Sleep is a Must

How much sleep we need totally varies from person to person; it all depends on our genetics, age and what’s going on inside. Trying to rally through an illness is only going to perpetuate feeling rubbish, so let go of the guilt if you’re unwell - your body needs to sleep to regenerate and heal.  

In a nutshell, if you do visit the doctor for whatever reason, talking about your sleep quality may just be the missing piece of the jigsaw that they need to diagnose you accurately, so don’t hold back and make sure you talk about your sleep quality as an aside to the reason you’re visiting them. 

Your doctor can prescribe you medication for sleep, but be wary because it can be highly addictive, and without the support of your doctor, very difficult to ditch. You may be referred to an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner), which is a more holistic approach to working at an unconscious level to release the effects of past negative experiences.  If you believe that trauma, stress or anxiety is your key sleep inhibitor, don’t be afraid to float this idea past your GP if they don’t suggest it to you. 

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Troublesome Sleep

Here are some signs that your sleep is impacting your health and well-being and when you should seek help.  These causes may just provide you with the armoury you need and see you walking away with the most appropriate advice, referral or medication.  

A person with short blonde hair sits on a bed with white sheets, holding their head with a tired expression

Are you experiencing…?

  • Racing thoughts - if you’re experiencing non stop thoughts, or are trying to get to sleep in a constant state of overthinking or anxiety, it’s time to head to your GP to discuss your mental health. To stop your whirring brain further, try Calm.  Take 4 capsules before bed and feel your mind relax. 
  • Nocturia - if you’re frequently waking up to pass urine, this may indicate possible diabetes, or urinary tract or prostate issues.
  • Excessive snoring with moments of pausing for breath could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea.  You may also be waking yourself up, so invest in some earplugs to cancel out the snore. 
  • Night sweats could be related to an infection or your immune system working overtime; therefore, further investigation is needed.
  • Coughing could be a sign of acid reflux or even asthma. 
  • If you wake up feeling sluggish because you can’t seem to fall asleep until an ungodly hour, this could be a sign that your cortisol is spiking later in the day.  This could be down to an overactive thyroid, or low progesterone, which could indicate perimenopause.  Ensure that you grab yourself some blue blocking glasses and pop them on a few hours before bed to support lowering your cortisol levels. By blocking out the light, you are telling your brain that it’s nearly time to sleep. 
  • Restless legs and twitchy muscles  in bed could be an indicator that you have low levels of dopamine. We have created ElectroTide which includes magnesium glycinate, which can aid your sleep.   

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

Hack Your Sleep

We would always advocate speaking to a doctor when it comes to concerns pertaining to your health; however, our review of the Hack Your Hormones chapter ‘Why can’t I Sleep?’ offers a plethora of natural ways to combat difficulties with sleep, whether this is down to hormone imbalances, mineral deficiencies or creating the perfect environment to aid sleep.  

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