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Chrissa's story is so heart warming and inspiring. Since starting her WillPowders' journey, not only has she dropped 2.5 stone, but she massively improved the health of her kidneys, receiving compliments and support from her doctor in her new lifestyle choices.

We think you look absolutely blummin gorgeous Chrissa and we couldn't be more thrilled to have been part of your journey to optimum health. Chrissa is glowing with the support of WillPowders' products. See her story below for more information...

“Mrs Wadlow, you have improved your lifestyle enormously since you were last here. Your kidney and liver functions are near perfect, your weight has reduced dramatically. You are in remission and we are discharging you to community care”

YESSSSS - I’ll take that! The doctor went into detail about what specifically I had changed, and agreed with all of it, said what a relief it was to finally meet someone who wasn’t following faddy diets and trends and that the way I’m fuelling my body right now and it is the only healthy way to do it. Happy with that!

Bye bye renal and nephrology!

(Currently 2.5 stone lighter, stripping out UPFs as much as possible and embedding WP throughout my day!)

Here's what Chrissa had to say about her hero products:

  • ElectroTide - my first drink of the day. Flushes out toxins and water retention whilst getting my liver and kidneys working

  • Collagen - blitzed into my morning coffee. No flavour to it, so this is easy! It helps the obvious skin, hair, nails but also boosts healing everywhere internally and helps with calming. Great before bed too! The kids all have this each morning as well. 

  • MCT oil - in my morning coffee, no flavour to it again so easy! This boosts my cognitive function, curbs cravings for food and sugar.
  • MCT Keto Creamer - in my morning coffee,  no flavour so it’s easy! This boosts my body's function and curbs cravings for rubbish food and sugar. 

  • Brain Powder - this is my magic energy boost I have with lunch. Cannot function without it. Wakes my brain up and promotes crystal clear cognitive function! 

  • Ah-Ha - These come in handy when I have brain fog!
  • Calm - . The L-theanine help massively with my anxiety
  • Testosterone pre-cursor - opens up my receptors to receive more testosterone from my food due to having low levels.
  • Protein powder - I put this in lots of stuff to keep me away from the snacks
  • Rise and Shine - when I eat out or have something I need to recover from
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