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How to Find Your WillPowders Way
How to Find Your WillPowders Way

How to Find Your WillPowders Way

What's Your WillPowders Way?

Everybody’s WillPowders Way is different - it’s not a one shoe fits all kind of situation! Your WillPowders journey is a personal one between you and you alone. From wanting to shed those pesky pounds to reclaiming that lost energy, whatever your health goal, WillPowders has got you covered. 

Hydrate, Nourish and Energise

At WillPowders, our aim is to make your journey to optimum health as easy and as informative as possible, equipping you with the knowledge you need to take control for yourself. We want you to feel empowered, confident and assured that you’re making the best decisions for yourself, which is why we thought a handy guide that helps you find the answers to your questions might support you further in finding your way to your best self - whatever that might look like for you.  

Box of Electrolyte Hydration Sachets
Milk Chocolate Protein Powder
WillPowders Brain Powder Energy Nootropics

On our website, we have categorised all of our research, information and blogs into 5 sections which, together, underpin health in its entirety. 

Energy and Movement

Learn how to reclaim lost energy and stay active, even when life is busy.  Lots of the information in this category is linked to how our hormones can impact our energy and motivation to move, helping you to find that hormonal sweet spot when the dreaded peri or menopause does its best to derail you. We also have a range of products that have been specifically formulated to support your energy and movement. 

MCT Keto Powder Supplement

Peri Pounds or Meno Belly Anyone?

Weight Loss

Learn how to nourish your body and lose weight, if you want to, without starving yourself and propelling yourself into misery.  In this section, you will find lots of links to healthy recipes for the whole family and information about how WillPowders products can help to crush those cravings. Helping you to feel fully satiated for the first time is our aim and providing you with products to finally find your “full” is our forte.

Let Your Brain Work for You!

Body and Brain

Our mantra is: fuel the brain and the body will follow… Our brains have been conditioned to conserve energy and crave ultra processed food, which can result in a lack of get up and go. In Body and Brain, you will find helpful information that can teach you how to rewire your brain so that it serves your body and not hinder it.  In this section, you will find information and products that will support your brain health, which, in turn, will impact your energy, mental health and mood, sleep and overall biology. 

Prioritise Rest for once!


Rest is often the missing piece of our health jigsaw and as modern life gets busier and busier, we often don’t prioritise it. The negative impact that a lack of sleep can have on our bodies can be so destructive, so learning how to rest properly, preparing your body for optimum sleep will serve your brain, body, hormonal balance, weight loss goals, energy and mental health, which is just so important. Find our products that can aid sleep here… 

Mental Health and Mood

Learn how to improve your mood and improve your brain chemistry in this section.  We often feel forced to shelve our mental health and prioritise our physical health, but the truth is, you can’t have one without the other. From changing moods because of hormones, to dealing with life’s stresses, you will find a plethora of information that will help you find your inner happiness here and a range of products that can also help you find the perfect balance. 

What's on Offer?

Within each category, you will find information, biohacks, customer stories, dietary advice and information about supplementation to support you in these specific health goals. Simply use our navigation or our search function to find a host of helpfulness and your WillPowders Way.  

For Fats Sake symbol #FFS

Hack Your Health

Under Hack Your Health, you will find our biohacking blogs, customer stories  with links to hero products, recipes, health quiz, and our How to WillPowder Guides. Under our ‘About’ section you will find information about The Good Fat Club, our loyalty scheme that allows you to earn points and save money on your WillPowders Way.  Don’t forget to check out our FAQs which you will find under each product - more often than not, you will find all the answers to your questions here. 

Our website is a sea of important and useful information that will help you to biohack your way to optimum health, and the best thing of all, it’s completely free!  In addition, our Facebook community - For Fats Sake Club #FFS is full of WillPowderers who have taken the first step on their WillPowders Way and who share their experiences, offer advice and support as well as recipes, biohacks and a friendly ear.  

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our research, products and biohacks and start on your WillPowders Way today.

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