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How to WillPowder using MCT Oil


How to use MCT Oil for Fat Loss, and Optimum Brain Function

WillPowder’s MCT Oil is sourced from premium coconuts in Indonesia and is never blended with any palm oil, in fact, it’s pure C8 MCT Oil. Oooh, it’s all a bit sciencey!  In a nutshell, and your ‘need to knows’, C8 is caprylic acid, a fatty acid that is the most metabolically active. MCT Oil works faster, crossing the blood brain barrier at breakneck speed; therefore, you quickly feel the energy it gives. 

What is MCT Oil, what is MCT Oil used for and what are the Benefits of MCT?

This caprylic acid, or C8 for short, provides a powerful trifecta of benefits when it comes to weight loss: not only will it improve your overall digestive health in the gut microbiome, helping you digest food better, its potent antimicrobial properties combat harmful bacteria, fungi and yeast in the gut, resulting in a happy tummy. These anti-microbial properties directly affect candida (a fungal infection that lots of us don’t know we have, which makes us crave sugar.) Not only does it make us seek the snacks, candida destroys your gut microbiome, which, as we know, is the gatekeeper for all of your body’s health. 

Secondly, C8 can increase energy expenditure, which can help the body to burn more of what it consumes as energy instead of storing it as fat. Yes please! However, this is not all the magic C8 conjures; your cognitive function will be greatly enhanced and you will become as sharp as an arrow. Finally, C8 MCT oil is considered superior to other MCT oils, primarily due to its unique properties and benefits. Research shows that people find C8 MCT oil easier to digest and tolerate compared to MCT oils with higher amounts of capric acid. This can be beneficial for those with sensitive stomachs.

Unlike our MCT Powder, our MCT Oil doesn’t contain butter or acacia fibre, making it a good choice for vegans and those who might be sensitive to fibre and who suffer from IBS. We’ve got you covered!

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WillPowders Pure MCT Oil
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To learn, develop or master how to WillPowder using MCT Powder, assess which type of hacker you are:

New Hacker:

  • You have never used an MCT Oil supplement before
  • You do not engage with intermittent fasting
  • You are not on a Keto diet
  • You rely solely on your NEAT movements (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis e.g. cleaning, walking to work, gardening etc…) to keep you active. 
  • You are curious about how to improve your mental health and physical well-being

Regular Hacker: 

  • You are looking to transition to MCT Oil from MCT Powder
  • You regularly engage in intermittent fasting or a ‘dirty fast’ (NB* A dirty fast is when you consume approximately 100 calories within your fasting window by only consuming good quality fats and non insulin spiking calories e.g. nootropics, ElectroTide, mushroom teas - this is our recommended way to fast, especially for peri-menopausal ladies.  If you have had your gallbladder removed, by consuming some good calories during your fasting period, you will nullify the effects of bile build up in your stomach) 
  • You sometimes engage in exercise on top of your NEAT movements (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis e.g. cleaning, walking to work, gardening etc…)

Expert Hacker

  • You have used MCT Oil before
  • You have been using biohacking supplements for 12 months or more
  • You are fat adapted (your body burns fat as energy because you consume no or minimal carbs)
  • You engage in regular exercise, if not intensive exercise or training 
  • You are an experienced intermittent ‘faster’ and who has followed a fat and protein rich diet for 12 months or longer e.g Keto, Paleo or a Carnivore diet
  • You may use the MCT oil as a preference

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

Now you know what type of hacker you are, here is how you might use our MCT Oil: 

New Hacker: 

Side effects of MCT Oil: MCT Oil is extremely potent and if you are not fat adapted, we suggest you start with our MCT Powder, as moving too quickly can upset your tummy. To eventually transition into using our MCT Oil, or simply get started with MCT in general, give our How to WillPowder’s with MCT Powder Guide a read.

Regular Hacker:

By this point in your keto, intermittent fasting journey, you will likely be on your way to becoming fat adapted, but there’s no need to rush and completely disregard your MCT Powder routine.  To support a smooth transition to using MCT Oil, start slowly by continuing to use a heaped teaspoon of the MCT Powder in your morning beverage and popping half a teaspoon of oil in your afternoon coffee, eventually increasing this to a full teaspoon.  Ultimately, you are working up to replacing the MCT Powder with the Oil, or the combo approach might be just right for you. Using the powder in conjunction with the oil will create a gorgeous cappuccino type drink without the use of a whizzer or blender.  If you experience any gut discomfort, simply reduce your amount of oil whilst your body adapts to C8 and the high quality fatty acids it provides. 

Expert Hacker:

Much like the MCT Powder, 2 teaspoons throughout your fasting period will do the trick to ward off any unwanted hunger or craving pangs. If you’re a morning exerciser, hold off until your workout is complete, saving those rich amino acids to aid your recovery and supporting your body to remain in fat burning mode. 

Note: Will MCT Oil break a fast? The answer totally depends on what type of fasting you are engaging in. You can use MCT Oil if you are fat fasting and enjoy the energy boost it provides by consuming up to 5 tbsp a day.

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