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How to WillPowder using MCT Powder


For Fat’s Sake, Fat is Fuel!

At WillPowders we know, because we are super well researched and have cut through the con, that consuming good fat is the only way to not retain bad fat.  

Here’s why… 


If you regularly eat carbs, e.g. bread for breakfast, bread for lunch, bread for dinner and a side of bread for supper, all of these carbohydrates will convert into glucose (sugar) and this is what your body will favour and what it will turn into energy. Your body will remember that carbs are your go to energy source and your liver will get used to processing it. Meanwhile, all the fat that you eat will find a nice home in your body and it will ignore any eviction notice that you try to issue.  Your organs will become enveloped by fat and you will likely pack on the pounds.  However, if you take control of this narrative and swap the carbs for good fat, your body will become ‘fat adapted’.  This means, instead of using the carbs as an energy source, your body will use the good fats. A full transition into becoming fat adapted can take between 4 and 12 weeks, as it’s a full shift in your metabolism.  Fat is more efficiently metabolised as an energy source, so not only will you feel more alive and energised, your insides and outsides will be so much healthier.  

Glass with iced coffee being mixed, on marble surface
Tall glass with iced coffee, with a blurred background
Glass with iced coffee, on marble surface

How do I become Fat Adapted? 

A Keto diet is a good route in, as it is low in carbohydrates and high in good fats. You can supplement a Keto diet with WillPowder’s MCT range to stave off the crave and ensure that your body is getting the fat it needs. Your body converts MCTs into ketones (a type of chemical that your liver produces when it breaks down fats), providing a fat-based source of energy for the body when carbohydrate intake is low.

MCT Keto Powder Supplement

What is WillPowder’s MCT Powder?

WillPowder’s MCT Powder is a ketone boosting, creamy powder that will help you, if you are partaking in intermittent fasting, to extend your fasting; it will help you to avoid those insulin spiking foods that cause constant snacking; it will help to provide your body with the fatty acids that it cries out for by turning fat into energy for your brain and body, and it will help with any sort of weight loss strategy - when you feed the brain and the body will follow! Our MCT Powder is made with grass fed butter, making it superior and cleaner.  Other keto powders don’t mix as well as ours, which makes WillPowder’s MCT Powder the perfect addition to your coffee. Our powder is high in fat and not high in protein, which is important when you are following a Keto diet; too much protein will turn into glucose, which slows down any effects of a keto diet. 

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

To learn, develop or master how to WillPowder using MCT Powder, assess which type of hacker you are:

New Hacker:
  • You have never used an MCT Powder supplement before
  • You do not engage with intermittent fasting
  • You are not on a Keto diet
  • You rely solely on your NEAT movements (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis e.g. cleaning, walking to work, gardening etc…) to keep you active. 
  • You are curious about how to improve your health and well-being
Regular Hacker: 
  • You have used an MCT Powder supplement before 
  • You regularly engage in intermittent fasting or a ‘dirty fast’ (NB* A dirty fast is when you consume 100 calories within your fasting window by consuming good quality fats and non insulin spiking calories - this is our recommended way to fast, especially for peri-menopausal ladies.  If you have had your gallbladder removed, by consuming some good calories during your fasting period, you will nullify the effects of bile build up in your stomach) 
  • You sometimes engage in exercise on top of your NEAT movements (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis e.g. cleaning, walking to work, gardening etc…)
Expert Hacker
  • You have been using biohacking supplements for 12 months or more
  • You are fat adapted.
  • You engage in regular exercise, if not intensive exercise or training 
  • You are an experienced intermittent ‘faster’ and who has followed a fat rich diet for 12 months or longer e.g Keto, Paleo or a Carnivore diet
  • You may use the MCT Oil as a preference

Now you know what type of hacker you are, here is how you might use our MCT Powder: 

New Hacker:

In order to support those pesky sugar cravings, which not only manifest in reaching for a mars bar, but all things carby too, you should add a heaped teaspoon into your hot drink of choice. Ditch the milk and add MCT Powder into your coffee, tea, cacao based hot chocolate or matcha to prevent those dreaded insulin spikes, which only make you reach for more, more and a bit more.  You could also pop a heaped teaspoon into shakes, sauces, soups, full fat Greek yoghurt, scrambled eggs, protein pancakes, salad dressings to name a few other ways of how to sneak in that sneaky nutrition. Whatever you add it to, just ensure that it’s not carb heavy and it’s not processed fare.  Spreading 5 heaped teaspoons across your day will support you in becoming fat adapted and help you to back away from the biscuit tin! 

Regular Hacker:

If you are a regular hacker, you will likely engage in intermittent fasting and follow a keto diet.  If losing or maintaining weight is your main motivation, you need to use a little less MCT Powder than a new hacker.  The likelihood is, you have developed the ability to shut down some of your sugar cravings and can get ahead of the hunger pangs.  

During your fast, pop one heaped teaspoon in your morning coffee and do the same in your late morning cuppa too.  This way, you will be able to pop some collagen in as well and still remain under your 100 calories during your fasting period. 

Expert Hacker: 

If you are an expert hacker, you will be fat adapted and, much like a regular hacker, will only need up to two heaped teaspoons of MCT Powder during your fasting period, leaving some calories for our amino rich bovine collagen supplement. 

If you opt for MCT oil instead of MCT powder, check out our How to WillPowder using MCT Oil Guide for further tips and tricks.