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Hack Your Hormones

Rise and Shine from Hangover Hell

If you’ve ever found yourself like Snow White in a near comatose state from an overindulgence of food that you regret consuming because of its ill effects on your system, then you are not alone.  In the same way that Snow White felt it was only socially polite to accept the apple and take a huge bite, most of us find it pretty challenging to attend a social event yet refuse to eat the carbohydrate coma that the host is offering.  

The Hangover Tablets Delivering Liver Protection When Overindulgence Knocks

And, when everyone around you has an alcoholic drink in their hand on a hot summer’s day, their glasses alluringly misted with cool condensation and those tiny bubbles tickling their way up the inside of the glass, those same people can treat you like a social pariah unless you join them in their revels.  Perhaps they know something you don't know about how to prevent a hangover …  But, sometimes, the willpower required to walk away and make healthier choices can be as elusive as snow in June.  

At other times, we choose to indulge.  High days and holidays are part of each season and there can be times to make a conscious decision to engage in the bacchanal for a hot minute.   But, whether you’ve broken a going dry for a while promise to yourself or you intended to step up to the buffet altar and plant your face firmly in the trifle, complete with pointless sugar sprinkles, these are the times when it would be great to support our liver as the good friend we wish to be.  And, like a good friend, we don’t arrive empty-handed.  If the liver could text you before the party, it would message:  Bring hangover tablets.

Wait! Hangover tablets?  It’s a miracle!

Well, not quite a miracle, but  Rise and Shine Indulgence Recovery could have you springing from your food and drink coma much like a modern day equivalent of Lazarus!  With milk thistle extract, whose beneficial effects on the liver have been tried and tested for over 2000 years, and its component flavonoid, silymarin, Rise and Shine Indulgence Recovery is a supplement that helps to protect the liver from toxins.  Silymarin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to boot and may even help the liver to repair by growing new cells.   

We all wish we’d taken better care of ourselves the day after when we've swapped our wine goggles for the ever crystal clear glasses of retrospect.  The good news is that, if you want to know how to prevent a hangover, then taking three Rise and Shine tablets before you even head off down Excess Drive can help the liver get ahead of what’s to come.  Follow this up with three tablets the morning after the night before and you are well on your way to reaping the benefits that milk thistle extract has on liver recovery.   

Indulgence Recovery Supplement

How else can I support liver protection?

Apart from milk thistle extract, Rise and Shine includes NADH, which is much quicker to say than nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) + hydrogen (H).  What is NADH? I hear you ask.  Well, this little genius could help to banish that familiar feeling of ‘can’t be bothered’ which frequently pays a call the day after we overindulge.  NADH has an important role in energy production in the body so supplementing this naturally occurring chemical when we’ve soused our liver with more unhelpful chemicals is a body friendly thing to do because it’s so often the case that your overindulgence the night before coincides with the visit from the in-laws the day after, your child’s football tournament final on the hottest day of the year so far or that almighty housework blitz you’ve been telling yourself needs doing. 

For further liver protection make n acetyl cysteine your friend

Also known as NAC or n-acetyl-cysteine, this little wonder supplement does a plethora of beneficial things for us including nourishing your brain and replenishing antioxidants.  This little amino convinced us that it was so versatile that we popped it in our Rise and Shine recipe for days just like these.  

As we all know, antioxidants are crucial in the toxin elimination processes of the body and, once we’ve indulged, there are plenty of those to mop up.  But, n-acetyl-cysteine is also a powerhouse for the mind and our mental health.  Have you ever noticed how paranoia can come calling when you’ve been drinking and often self-shaming goes hand in hand with food overindulgence?  Looking after your mental health could start with ensuring you have enough n acetyl cysteine to keep your mind healthy.  

The benefits of this ingredient keep on coming as it plays a role in decreasing inflammation in fat cells which can be caused by high blood sugar.  If sugar was your poison of choice in the hours before, be sure to top up on NAC to support your body’s response.  Longer term, if your habit is to keep indulging in sugar, then you risk becoming insulin resistant.  NAC has been shown to have a possible connection to preventing insulin resistance and improving blood sugar regulation.  Remember, it may not have been cake that you succumbed to, but alcohol is also a carbohydrate, so supplementing with NAC could contribute to mitigating the splurge that caused havoc with your blood sugars. 

Why bother with Berberine?

Have you ever counted how many of the indulgences we are tempted by are like gateway drugs to further hedonism?  Alcohol might be your first carb of choice but it has a tendency to grab you in a pincer movement by giving you the munchies and lowering your inhibitions at the same time so that you don’t mind talking with your mouth open while chowing down on pizza.  Suddenly, you find yourself in a sneaky drive by of the pasta followed by a flirtation with the desserts.  All of these things will spike your blood sugar.  

Even skipping the alcohol may not help if you are rummaging through the bread basket, all the while, ironically, asking the waiter if the butter is grass-fed.  Carbohydrates make us feel lethargic and then they will make us feel hungry and, unless we interrupt this cycle, we can find ourselves consuming carbs for days in a vain attempt to get some vim and vigour back, when all along we had told ourselves the Italian was a one night stand.

Insulin Support Supplement

You're allowed to be human...

We aren’t saying that feasting is forbidden: of course fun and frolics are part of our calendar and no life story is complete without a tale or two of decadence to tell.  What we can do, however, is arm ourselves with sensible mitigation of risk.  To be educated about insulin is to be forearmed.  Having our blood awash with glucose for extended amounts of time means the hormone insulin is almost constantly being released from our pancreas.  Eventually, cells can start to insulate themselves against insulin.  At this point, the glucose in our bloodstream, with nowhere to go, can begin to damage small capillaries and we may well be into a situation where we are pre-Type 2 diabetes.  Willpowders Insulin Support Precursor contains berberine, from Mother Nature’s treasure trove of bioactive ingredients, which has shown great potential benefits working as an antidiabetic.  

Let common sense prevail

Ultimately, there are going to be times when we haven’t put into our bodies the healthy things we intended to and that’s ok on occasion.  We live in a varied modern world with a myriad of temptations facing us and a plethora of choices to make each day.  Of course we can choose to be more typically social in the way we eat and drink and we all know that being the life and soul of the party doesn’t mean we have to drink our body weight in alcohol or be rude to the cake on offer.  

Box of Electrolyte Hydration Sachets

When the chips are down (literally, down!):

  • Try a little self-compassion and tenderness when you think you’ve ruined the long term plan - our bodies listen, so be kind to yourself.  
  • Support with Rise and Shine Indulgence Recovery and its superhero, liver protection ingredients of milk thistle extract, nadh and NAC
  • Drink plenty water to help flush those toxins away or try a Willpowders Electrotide to support this process
  • Remember, tomorrow might be another day, but a day is 24 hours and you can start that day right now with returning to your supportive habits
  • Support blood glucose levels with Willpowders Insulin Support Precursor

Keep it real...

And, finally, Snow White may have been kissed awake from her food coma by the love of her life but I’ll bet he still left the toilet seat up on occasions so supplements, rather than long term romantic engagements, are probably a better way to care for your hangover! 

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