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Understanding and Recovering from Long COVID the WillPowders Way!

Hack Your Hormones

Understanding and Recovering from Long COVID the WillPowders Way!

The Covid pandemic seems to be the gift that keeps on giving and in its wake, a concerning phenomenon has emerged: Long Covid. Arguably described as the world’s worst hangover from a nightmare of a night out, Long Covid is responsible for many people struggling to shake off and forget the hell that the pandemic ensued. 

What is Long Covid? 

Long Covid refers to lingering symptoms that persist for weeks or even months after being initially infected with Covid, and as scientists continue to explore the aftermath, there's growing recognition of the need for comprehensive support strategies to aid recovery. It is also widely believed that alongside conventional medical interventions, various supplements and lifestyle adjustments may play a role in promoting recovery.

Enter WillPowders…

Understanding Long Covid

Long Covid encompasses a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, joint pain, and more, which are all too familiar as we get older so any perpetuation just seems like a right kick in the bum. Imagine being struck down with Long Covid whilst facing the onslaught of the dreaded peri or just navigating the trials and tribulations of life, which, as we know, is hard enough.  These symptoms can significantly impact daily life and persist long after the acute phase of Covid has passed, just loading your plate higher and higher.  The exact mechanisms behind long COVID are still being elucidated, but inflammation, immune dysregulation, and vascular damage are believed to play a role.

Silhouette of two superheros

So, how can WillPowders Help?

As we adorn our self proclaimed superhero cape and outside underpants, so does our MCT Oil, ElectroTide, MCT Keto Creamer, Collagen, Protein Powder, Spice and Ah-Ha and here’s why…

Found your car keys in the freezer again?

Formulated to give you those Ah-Ha moments back, to keep those cogs from turning and to help your brain manage that mental load that can often leave us feeling over-wrought and on the edge of a monumental melt down. 

Much like with the dreaded peri and menopause, Long Covid can severely impact ones cognitive function, so a little helping hand to untangle the mass of memories we’re expected to retain can be a welcome reprieve from the brain fog that can ensue when our body and brain is under attack and trying to heal. 

With ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba, known for its cognitive-enhancing properties and helping combat brain fog; PhosphatidylCholine, a key component of cell membranes which may support cellular repair and function; Panax Ginseng which is an adaptogen that can boost energy levels and alleviate fatigue; Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) which can support mitochondrial function and energy production; Vitamins B6 and B12, which can play crucial roles in energy metabolism and help alleviate fatigue; Lemon Balm which has calming properties and may help to reduce stress and promote relaxation; Apple Polyphenol Extract, which is rich in antioxidants that may help to combat oxidative stress and inflammation and Omega 3, which supports your brain health and nourishes your body with good fats, you might just find your Ah-Ha moment in your journey out of oh so Long Covid narrative. 

Pure MCT Oil

Good Fats, For Fat's Sake #ffs

Scientists have surmised that ‘the consumption of carbohydrate sources with a low glycemic index is highly recommended during Long Covid recovery as the intake of food with a high glycemic index has been associated with increased inflammation and oxidative stress’.  Our dedicated carb blog explains how you can take control of your carb cravings in detail.  However, as a starting point, supplementing with MCT Keto Creamer is a great way to steer clear of those subliminal bread messages that seem to call us around every corner we turn, and which can often lead to unseen stress on the body. 

Moreover, our MCT Keto Creamer and MCT Oil are piled high with good fats and are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which scientists have said reduce inflammation and potentially lower the risk of new infections. Not only that, the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in our C8 MCT Oil can provide a readily available source of energy, supporting brain function, helping to relieve that pesky brain fog that ensues with any illness and providing you with some of that much needed mental clarity. 

Giving your brain back to you isn’t all we have in our stores…

Amino Acid Magic

Both our protein powders and collagen have been formulated from highly bioavailable grass fed bone broth protein sources which is great news for you as scientists state that  ‘protein requirement should be higher in patients with post-COVID-19 syndrome to improve sarcopenia and avoid further wasting of muscle mass’.  Whilst recovering from Long Covid, it has never been more important to ensure that your body is getting all the amino acid magic it can get its hands on in order to exert an anti-inflammatory effect. Certain amino acids, like arginine and glutamine, found in our collagen and protein powders, are known for their role in the modulation of immune responses, literally healing you from the inside out. 

In addition, if you are well versed in the WillPowders Way, you will know that all health starts in the gut, and scientists have explored the impact a healthy gut can have in aiding recovery of Long Covid. Collagen peptides can act as a nitrogen or carbon source for gut microbiota, thereby generating fermentation products that play a prebiotic role in maintaining human health and reducing inflammation. We can often find it difficult to get this magic to work via our regular daily diet because the question surrounding bioavailability is a big one, so giving our amino acids a boost with collagen peptides is a bit of insurance for you and your body. 

Looking after your gut is the foundation of health, but it’s not all supplementing with our collagen and protein powders can offer.  Helping to build up the tendons, muscles and ligaments, as well as aiding the recovery of compromised joint health, collagen can lessen the pain that can be experienced when trying to kick Long Covid to the curb. 

Box of Electrolyte Hydration Sachets


WillPowders’ Electrolytes, ElectroTide, is not only a magic source of hydration, but a diuretic as well, meaning it aids your body in flushing out the remnants of illness and toxins to boot.
Replenishing electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium can help combat fatigue and support overall health, allowing you to reclaim that lost energy. 

In addition, our added Horsetail is a powerful antioxidant which will support your body in its reparation and search for your former self.  The added magnesium will help your body to replenish its stocks and avoid symptoms of fatigue and muscle cramps and ElectroTide’s calcium will support your bone health which could have been adversely affected during your downtime from optimum health. Rich in Vitamin C, your immune system will be given a helping hand to fight your internal struggle, whilst your brain receives a shot of va va voom.   Helping your brain to reboot is a powerful way of turning the tide on prolonged illness.  It helps you to gain the energy that is often required to take care of yourself in the best way - think of ElectroTide as taking back lost perspective and gaining some motivation. 

WillPowders Spice

A Spicey Joint Supplement

You only have to read our amazing customer stories and case studies to know how amazing our turmeric supplement is. In some cases, it has completely eliminated the need for prescribed medications and that is because of its high anti-inflammatory properties. Our best joint health supplement, Spice is filled with the magic of turmeric, curcumin and MSM, ingredients which are scientifically proven to support joint health, bolstered by black pepper for maximum benefits. The advantages of curcumin are that it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, neutralising free radicals and providing antioxidant effects.  Not only this, turmeric and curcumin may improve cognitive function, potentially preventing conditions like Alzhiemer’s disease as well as improving heart health.  Some studies suggest that tumeric supplements like Spice can significantly improve mental health, eradicating some of those symptoms of depression that are often associated with not feeling in fighting fit.  Spice could literally pull you out of the Long Covid pit of doom as well as supporting your overall health and vitality. 

Long Covid Begone!

Often, when we are struck down with something as hideous and unfair as Long Covid, helping ourselves can feel like an impossible feat.  It can feel as realistic as climbing a mountain or swimming the seven seas, but with a little helping hand to find that lost energy and to support your internal health, supplementing with nature can be the missing piece of the jigsaw.  Truthfully, this epitomises our ethos as WillPowders; we just want to help you feel like your best self and it is such a pleasure to bring forth gifts from Mother Earth to replenish your sense of wellness. 

WillPowders customer Sue after photo

Goregous Sue

The proof is in the pudding and the lovely Sue kindly shared her Long Covid story with us and explained how supplementing with some of our products aided her recovery.

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Our blogs are written with love in the hope that they go some way in helping you feel like the rockstar you are, and whilst we do our due diligence, research like maniacs and fact check our stuff, we know everyone’s journey is different. They are intended to educate and empower you, not usurp medical advice. We would never advise you to stop, adjust, or modify any prescription medication without the direct supervision of your healthcare practitioner, but don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about your new found knowledge, brought to you by the marvels of nature because they don't know everything!